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Before it’s too late: How can we revive and restore creative and technical subjects in the secondary curriculum?

This FEDSpace roundtable is to stimulate thinking about how schools might offer a curriculum that looks beyond narrow accountability measures to offer a broader and longer-term sense of accountability to students and the wider economy. It is in being run in partnership with the Independent Society of  Musicians (, inspired by their current campaign with the Edge Foundation ( to #SaveOurSubjects and redress the negative impacts that the current Ebacc and Progress 8 measures have had on arts and technology subjects.


Sally Bacon OBE – former Executive Director of the Clore Duffield Foundation and co-author of The Arts in Schools, and the Gulbenkian Foundations’ about to be published Arts in Schools report.

Dr. Helen Good – TES FE Lecturer of the Year 202 –Director of Day Dream Believers – a group of educators, students and employers working to put creativity at the heart of education and developers of a current Scottish qualification in creativity

Kathryn Lennon Johnson – Founder of Built Environment Skills in Schools

Zainab Adigun – AFBE-UK ( Making Engineering Hot Team Leader – AFBE promotes higher achievements in education and engineering, particularly among students from ethnic minority backgrounds

Phil Avery – Director of Education Bohunt Education Trusts

Jenetta Hurst – Founder, The Creative Educator (

Andy Case – Senior Policy Advisor – NEU


Feb 28 2023


8:30 am - 10:00 am

The event is finished.

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